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What is love for us and for our children?

by Mary Mazzoni on February 18, 2012

We use the word “love” a lot. As though we all agree on its meaning.

Every day we do many things for our children because we love them.

Do we ever pause to wonder… What does love mean for us? And for our children?

Might pausing to wonder open our hearts to see and listen and love in new ways?

Perhaps love is like…

Music has a unique way of opening our heart. The song “Perhaps Love” expresses many aspects of love. Some of which seem almost contradictory.

I invite you to take a moment to listen to this song beautifully sung here. You’ll find the lyrics here.

As you listen, do inner spaces gently open up within you? Are there words or metaphors that resonate deeply?

Perhaps you’d like to pause for a while to just be and simply wonder.

What is love – for you and your child?

Photo by Kneff Photography on Flickr

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