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Personal Assistance Services

If your child needs personal assistance services (formerly called attendant care), you’ve likely been both providing and managing those services for years.

As kids mature, it’s important to gradually empower them to have a voice in how these services are provided and begin to assume a management role.

It is a very big transition for young adults to learn how to manage their own personal assistance services. They’ll need to clearly communicate their expectations, preferences, and boundaries. Not to mention learning how to hire, supervise, and if needed fire personal employees.

That’s a lot for a young person to juggle. Not to mention navigating various funding sources and record-keeping procedures.

Tools in this section will help your child to become increasingly proficient in managing his or her own personal assistance services.

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 1.)  Managing Your Own Personal Assistance Services

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Enjoy the journey!

This is an exciting time for your child. Sure, there will be bumps along the way. But there’s much joy, too! As you listen to and learn from one another, your relationship with your child will grow in new ways. Enjoy the journey!

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