Growing Personal Networks

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Growing Personal Networks

You want your child to grow more extensive personal networks.

How do I know this?  You told me so!

Personal networking was the #1 topic of  interest in our Parent Survey.

How wise you are!

It takes intentional effort to broaden and deepen personal networks. But the relationships that grow from them can enrich your life – and your child’s life – beyond all expectations.

Opportunities for employment, community service, recreation, self determination, wellness, and overall quality of life expand when our circle includes more than immediate family and paid service providers.

In this section, you’ll find free tools that will help your child grow life-enriching personal networks.

How this works

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When you click on a link below, you’ll go to a post that will explain the tool. The post will include a free download link.

A surprising way to grow personal networks and practice important skills – New!

You want to grow personal networks

Circles of friendship and support 

Friends, fun and networking

Questions or suggestions?

Perhaps you’re wondering which tool to choose, or how to use a particular tool. Or maybe you’d like to suggest a tool for us to add here.

You can email me by clicking on the white envelope in the “Let’s Connect” section of the sidebar. Or you can use the comment section below so we can all join the conversation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Enjoy the journey!

This is an exciting time for your child. Sure, there will be bumps along the way. But there’s much joy, too! As you listen to and learn from one another, your relationship with your child will grow in new ways. Enjoy the journey!

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