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Rory Hoy: music and film entrepreneur

by Mary Mazzoni on April 8, 2012


Name everyone you can think of who has produced multiple short films, music videos and CDs before reaching the age of 25.

I can name only one such person – Rory Hoy.

No, he’s not typical. In any way. He’s an extraordinarily gifted artist and entrepreneur. Autism is integral to Rory Hoy’s genius. Autism is an intrinsic part of who he is as a whole person.

Autism and Me

Of all his many short films, Rory Hoy is most proud of “Autism and Me” which he produced when he was 18. It has won many awards and is available on Amazon.

A six-minute clip on YouTube has racked up over 167,000 hits. The film’s artistry and light-hearted spirit uniquely communicate practical insights about autism from Rory’s perspective. Watch the clip. You’ll be glad you did!


You can check out the wide diversity of Rory Hoy’s music on Amazon.  His range is broad, from what he describes as ambient chill-out to more hard-hitting funk.

His music videos are similarly varied – from the techno-ambient Hypnotease to the fun Baby Likes it Phat to a more hard-edged  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Iz.

Rory also hosts music radio shows in both Germany and the UK, and he is an independent DJ.

Contributing to the larger good

Rory regularly presents at schools and other groups about his experience of autism. He’s an ambassador to UK  Youth and a patron of UK Resources for Autism. He also participates in fundraisers for relief organizations.

Unique journey

People may think it’s been an easy road for Rory, given all he’s accomplished at such a young age.

This “Inside My Life” clip  from an NBC Today feature (filmed 6 years ago) offers insights into his childhood.  The clip is full of Rory’s upbeat humor, and near the end includes bits from an interview with his parents. They express how proud they are of how far Rory has come,, remembering “the 4 year old who couldn’t speak or relate to our world in any way”.

Every child is unique. Your child’s journey will be different than Rory’s, of course. Your child’s gifts and preferences and personality are different than any other child’s. But there are some things we all have in common.

Let’s remember the key closing points from “Autism and Me” :

“We all need to be Accepted, Protected, Respected, and most of all – Loved.”

Your turn

How does learning about Rory Hoy’s story affect how you view your child’s future – and the day to day journey along the way? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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Photo credit: Self-Portrait by Rory Hoy

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