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Online Networking & Mentoring Community: DO-IT!

by Mary Mazzoni on June 17, 2011

All teens need positive role models and mentors as they navigate adolescence.  Often, teens with disabilities have limited opportunity to develop relationships with successful adults and older peers with disabilities.  People who have overcome obstacles similar to their own and are living self determined lives.

DO-IT Pals is an internet  community developed by the University of Washington.  Through this monitored program, teens communicate with peers and adults with disabilities all over the country.  Mentors help kids develop, plan for and work toward their own goals. Peers encourage each other as they persevere through challenges and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Find out what kids think about DO-IT Pals:


To find out more, click here.

Your child can apply to DO-IT Pals here.

What are your thoughts about this networking and mentoring opportunity?
Will your child DO-IT?


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