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JobTIPS with Video Modeling at Do2Learn

by Mary Mazzoni on March 24, 2012

JobTIPS is a free resource for learning how to find, get, and keep a job.

Funded by a federal grant, JobTIPS is specifically designed for job seekers who require direct instruction and guided practice in social skills. It is located on a site called, where you’ll find a variety of other free tools.

JobTIPS features videos that model specific skills. Scripts, checklists and visual organizers are also included to support instruction and practice of specific employment-related skills and behaviors.

Templates for chronological and functional resumes, sample cover letters, and application formats are also included.

JobTIPS does not replace job skills instruction, community-based work assessment and work experience. But it does provide good tools for teaching employment-related skills. It’s a great site!

You’ll find the JobTIPS home page here.┬áLet us know what you think in the comments.

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