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3 key transition resources

by Mary Mazzoni on January 13, 2012

You can download them for free.

And they’re worth their weight in gold.

This site aims to empower you and your teen as you plan for the future.

These resources, prepared by the PA Youth Leadership Network, the National Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth, and the PA Department of Health, will put valuable information at your fingertips as you and your teen plan for life after IEPs.

PYLN transition toolkits

These toolkits were prepared by youth for youth. They feature the personal stories of young adults who fully enjoy their lives after IEPs. Engaging activities help teens plan and take action toward their own future.

To find out more about the Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network (PYLN) and the transition toolkits, click here.

To download the toolkits, click here and here.

NCLD-Youth internship guide

Don’t let the name fool you. This comprehensive how-to guide isn’t just about internships.

Teens will find tips on career exploration, job shadowing, informational interviews, networking, resume-writing and much more.

Your teen will be guided step-by-step through the process of finding, applying for, and making the most of internship opportunities. While in high school and after graduation.

There are sample phone scripts, cover letters and various resume styles along with checklists, planning charts and links. This guide is chock-full of practical resources!

The National Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth (NCLD – Youth) is a youth-led information, resource and training center by and for emerging leaders with disabilities. This outstanding guide was developed with federal funding.

A future post here will explore when, why and how to use this guide. But why wait? Download it for free here and check it out for yourself!

PA transition healthcare checklist

This is more than a checklist. And it’s about more than healthcare!

This guide includes a transition timeline and skills inventory for education and employment as well as health and independent living. There’s also information about disability benefits, agency services, wellness and diverse health-related topics.

The guide is available in modifiable PDF format so you and your teen can type personal information right into the planning charts. You can also download a text version. There’s an update that can be downloaded separately, as some information has changed since the document’s last full revision.

Some of the information is specific to Pennsylvania, but most is applicable to youth living in any state.

The guide was developed through the PA Department of Health, as part of the PA Transition Community of Practice, which includes representatives of diverse agencies and organizations.

You can download this valuable information and planning tool here.

Next steps

These guides are very user friendly. But they’re also  jam-packed with information. Pace yourself, ok? Resist the temptation to dive into them all at once.

I encourage you to set aside some time to review them one at a time. Decide which portions are most relevant for you and your teen at this point. And plan to use the guides one small step at a time.

Your turn

Once you’ve begun to explore the tools – let’s talk about them. Do you have questions about how they may benefit your child? Once you’ve begun to use these resources – share your experiences with us. We’ll all benefit!

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